ParkBench Studio

Do you need to archive or reproduce your original art?
Are looking for a way to build a portfolio or catalog your art work?
ParkBench Studio is the place for you! Working with artists is all we do.
The starting point for archiving or reproducing an original piece of art is a quality digital scan. ParkBench Studio uses a 4x5 studio camera with a BetterLight scanning back, the same camera used by top museums to archive their collections.

The BetterLight is a high-end digital scanning back paired with a large format camera that enables us to make a high resolution scan, capturing every detail of your art.
Digital Capture: BetterLight
the Better Choice
With 30 years combined digital darkroom experience, ParkBench Studio can apply their unique skills in PhotoShop to produce a superior digital file for printing. We are trained artists with a
background in Fine Art Photography.
Giclee Printing
A giclee (a high quality print from an inkjet printer) is only as good as the inks and media used.
At ParkBench Studio, we use Epson wide-format printers, archival pigment inks, and pH neutral
fine art papers & canvas. A printed canvas is finished with three layers of UV resistant varnish
for long lasting color and clarity. Large prints are no problem, we can print up to 43.5 inches
wide on paper and 40 inches wide on canvas by whatever length you need.
We carry traditional printing substrates, and offer a wide variety of contemporary products as
well. If you want to present your buying public an opportunity to purchase your art or need
small items for an art show, we can help. ParkBench Studio can produce mugs, coasters,
ceramic tile, glass, metal & fabric prints.
ParkBench Studio will archive your digital files along with an approved proof. Fullfillment of additional prints is as simple as a phone call or e-mail, no need for you to invest in a large inventory. There are no minimum orders and no volume discounts.
The technology used by Better Light is totally different from the single-shot digital capture cameras using area array sensors (CCD and CMOS). The scan backs gather the information for the image in one continuous scan as the light is collected by three, individually filtered rows of pixels – this is called a tri-linear CCD. Since it moves across the “film plane” capturing light one row of pixels at a time, it will take several minutes to complete a large file. On the other hand, no other camera is gathering such a huge population of pixels (often 144 Megapixels or MORE) over such a large format area of nearly 3”x4”—that’s 5X the physical area of most array sensors! And, all of the pixels are PURE, true RGB color, not interpolated color by the camera software.
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