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Born in Texas and raised in New Mexico, Rhonda often reflects those roots in her art. (Her art was not born in Texas and raised in New Mexico.) She is a self-taught quilter, part-time photographer, and full time student of life.

When she is not working with David making fine art reproductions, Rhonda makes art quilts.

A "quilt" by definition is a bedcover made of two layers of cloth. The layers are filled with down, cotton, wool, etc. and then they are stitched together in lines or patterns to keep the filling in place.

Rhonda has had her work published in two books. One is "Alzheimer's: Forgetting Piece by Piece", a book featuring quilts made for a traveling exhibit to draw attention to the debilitating disease. Additionally, she has three quilts in "Creative Quilting: The Journal Quilt Project" a multi-year project featured at the International Quilt Festival in Houston, Texas. See the Links page.
David was one of the first to use high end digital studio cameras in the USA. His studio was written about in a trade magazine in 1994, when digital photography was in its infancy. He worked in the commercial printing prepress trades for 25 years, using a huge flat bed camera to shoot 8x10 transperencies of original paintings. In the early 1990's he set up one of the first high end digital studios.
Rhonda Doyal
An "art quilt" stretches the boundaries of this definition. While a piece may technically be a quilt because of its construction, the design is usually a far cry from the bedcovers your grandmother might have made.

Whether it is a contemporary twist on a traditional pattern or an original design, the Art Quilt presents a challenge to both the maker and the viewer to overcome pre-conceived notions of what a quilt is and view it as a stand alone piece of art.
David was born in Oklahoma and moved to Ohio to attend Wittenberg University. He graduated with a Fine Art degree from the Dayton Art Institute and began a career in commercial printing and photography.
David Lorenz
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